About Total Drama Naruto Lyoko


Total Drama Naruto Lyoko is a fan fiction that places select characters from the Japanese anime Naruto, during their "Shippuden" time skip, and the French cartoon Code Lyoko in the setting of the Canadian cartoon reality show, Total Drama. It also features the Teen Titans member Beast Boy as the host, and Mayu Narajashi an Original Character, created by Co-Worker Foolish Triplets,that lives in the Naruto universe.

This is a slow building fan adaptation of the Total Drama Series that takes you back to the island, but with a new cast of familiar faces. It features the challenges TD fans love and characters Otakus would die for. So stick around as we take a journey into Total Drama through the eyes of some colorful campers.


Was Mayu in the right for Rigging the votes to get Sakura eliminated?

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