Season 1 group pic

Total Drama Island, is the first season of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko. The season originally starts with twenty-two contestants who arrive at Camp Wawanakwa and are divided into two teams; the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass. The contestants clash, each half knowing each other prior to the show and having pre-existing interactions, and in the season's second episode, a twenty-third contestant, Mayu, arrives to the island late and joins the cast. The competition lasts for twenty-five episodes, until only two campers are left standing, resulting in the final challenge where one contestant wins the season and the hundred thousand dollars.


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Every episode the team that loses the most recent challenge, unless it is a reward challenge, has to vote off a fellow teammate and participate in the elimination ceremony. In said ceremony, while the safe campers receive a marshmallow, the camper with the most votes is eliminated and is forced to walk down the Dock of Shame and board the Boat of Losers. This formula is shifted somewhat once the merge begins where only the challenge winner may receive immunity.

Participant Team Status Placing
Nicholas Killer Bass 1st Voted out
in Cliffhangers
23rd Place Non-Merged
Temari Killer Bass 2nd Voted out
in Insomniacs
22nd Place
Shikamaru Screaming Gophers 3rd Voted out
in Beast Ball
21st Place
Jeremy Screaming Gophers 4th Voted out
in Wawanakwa's Got Talent
20th Place
Tamiya Killer Bass 5th Voted out
in The Not So Great Outdoors
19th Place
Neji Killer Bass 6th Voted out
in Fear Antics
18th Place
Kiba Screaming Gophers 7th Voted out
in Ready Oar Not
17th Place
Odd Screaming Gophers 8th Voted out
in Paintball It Up
16th Place
Tenten Screaming Gophers 9th Voted out
in Batter Up!
15th Place
Milly Killer Bass 10th Voted out
in To Trust or Not to Trust
14th Place
Sakura Killer Bass 11th Cheated out
in Jim Class
13th Place


Twenty-two contestants, plus the host, Beast Boy, and Jim, the camp's cook and the co-host of the show.

Character Episode count
Beast Boy TBA/25 episodes
Jim TBA/25 episodes
Aelita TBA/25 episodes
Choji TBA/25 episodes
Herb TBA/25 episodes
Hinata TBA/25 episodes
Ino TBA/25 episodes
Mayu TBA/25 episodes
Naruto TBA/25 episodes
Rock Lee TBA/25 episodes
Sasuke TBA/25 episodes
Sissi TBA/25 episodes
Ulrich TBA/25 episodes
Yumi TBA/25 episodes
Sakura 11/25 episodes
Milly 10/25 episodes
Tenten 9/25 episodes
Odd 8/25 episodes
Kiba 7/25 episodes
Neji 6/25 episodes
Tamiya 5/25 episodes
Jeremy 4/25 episodes
Shikamaru 3/25 episodes
Temari 2/25 episodes
Nicholas 1/25 episodes