Screaming Gophers
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Eliminated TDI: Batter Up!
Place TDI: 15th
Relationship Neji (attracted)
Friends Kiba, Odd, Mayu, Neji, Rock Lee
Enemies Sissi

Tenten, labeled The Weapon Specialist, is a camper on Season One of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko and was placed on the Screaming Gophers.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In Cliffhangers, Tenten was the very first person to arrive on the island. She excitingly hugged Beast Boy upon arriving, stating he was her favorite Teen Titan. When Rock Lee arrived, he was surprised to see her, since she didn't tell her she was on the show. This later surprised Neji, who also didn't know she was on the show. While settling into the cabin, she tried to break the ice with the "Lyoko" girls by having everyone introduce themselves. This works well until Sissi said she didn't care who they were and left to plug in her straightening iron. During the challenge, she gladly jumped and cheered when her team won as well as at the hot tub party.

In Insomniacs, after the twenty mile run across camp, Tenten and the rest of the ninja were surprised at Mayu debuting. During the Awake-a-thon, Kiba was doing a handstand to try and get the blood to rush to his head, so he could stay awake longer, and Tenten joined him. Soon after, Sissi wanted to talk to her and Kiba, and after pulling them aside, she told them that she wanted to put them in an alliance with her, and they agreed to be in it. Later on, while Sissi tried strategizing with her and Kiba, but they both fell asleep, not being heard from for the rest of the episode.

During Beast Ball, after the first round of dodgeball, Tenten was selected for the second round with Ulrich, Jeremy, Kiba, and Choji. During the game, Neji tried to use his 8 Trigrams Palm Rotation to hit somebody on the Screaming Gophers, but after many tries, he hit Tenten in the face, causing him to worry and run to her aid. After Tenten got up with Neji, Mayu offered to help Tenten by putting poison Senbon needles in her bruises to numb the pain. After getting the pain numbed, Neji offered Tenten to go outside with him and get some fresh air. She hesitated, thinking back to Sissi discussing the rules of the alliance with her and Kiba and saying that inter-team dating was prohibited, but eventually said yes, angering Sissi. After the challenge was over, Sissi came up to Neji and Tenten, and was forced to apologize to Tenten for accusing Mayu of trying to kill her earlier. After everyone went to their cabins, Tenten thanked Mayu for sticking up for and was quiet for the rest of the episode.

In Wawanakwa's Got Talent, after Beast Boy told the contestants about the talent show, Sissi told everyone on the Screaming Gophers that she was team captain, because Tenten and Kiba voted for her to be. After Sissi auditioned with her ballet routine, Tenten and Kiba voted that she should be in the show. Later, Tenten auditioned for the talent show by twirling two batons that were on fire, after she threw the batons in the air, one of them came back down and caused a hole in the ground, and caught a bush on fire, which was later put out by Kiba. After her team lost the challenge, Sissi told Tenten and Kiba to vote Jeremy off, which she obediently did.

In The Not So Great Outdoors, Tenten did not speak until a bear showed up at her team's campsite in the woods. When the bear appeared, Sissi got behind Tenten and told her to try and stop the bear, Tenten then reminded her that Beast Boy said that they could not use their Jutsu or weapons, causing everyone to hide in a tree. After the bear talked instead of mauling Ino, Tenten and everyone else got confused looks on their faces until it was revealed to actually be Odd in a bear costume. Later, another bear showed up and everyone thought the bear was Beast Boy using his animal-morphing powers. This changes however, as Tenten points out that, if it was Beast Boy, the fur would be green and that the bear's fur was brown. The team once again hides in a tree, and Tenten is not heard for the rest of the episode.

In Fear Antics, when the Gophers went to hang out with the Bass at the firepit, Tenten offered some gelatin to Sakura, but Sakura freaked out and told her she didn't want any. Tenten then tried to offer it to Rock Lee, but he smacked it out of her hand, thinking there was in a snake inside it. In Tenten's fear challenge, she went into an inflatable pool full of bugs and worms for a full minute then came out and won a point for the Gophers. In Herb's fear challenge, Tenten, Odd, and Ulrich, dressed as ninjas to try and scare Herb. After he knocked himself unconscious with his own nunchucks, Odd, Ulrich, and Tenten revealed their faces and laughed at him. Then Tenten asked if the black ninja pajamas that they were wearing were what people where they came from actually thought ninja wore. They said yes, but reassured her by saying her and the other ninjas outfits were cooler. In Mayu's fear challenge, Tenten played as one of the ninja killed by Shenzo. At the end of the episode, after Neji was eliminated, Tenten said goodbye to him through the confessional.

In Ready Oar Not, after Beast Boy told the contestants about the challenge, Tenten ran in with toilet paper on her foot, asking what she missed, and Beast Boy told her to head to the canoes. When the contestants were teaming up for the canoes, Tenten and Aelita went with Ulrich. While the teams were making fires, Tenten came across a wooden tiki idol and took it as a souvenir, not knowing that Beast Boy told everyone that if they took anything off of Boney Island, they would be cursed forever. She did not speak for the rest of the episode, but at the end of the episode, Tenten was seen reading a book when the camera zoomed in on her tiki idol then zoomed out dramatically.

In Paintball It Up, after getting woken up by Beast Boy, Tenten was sent by Sissi to warm up the shower for her and was also told to make sure that it wasn't too hot. While the girls were waiting by the bathroom, they were complaining about Sissi taking too long and Tenten told them that she needs her alone time. Mayu then retaliated by saying she knew that Sissi was getting on her nerves too, to which Tenten responded in the confessional that she wasn't wrong. A short time after, when Mayu was arguing with Sissi on Tenten's behalf, she was surprised at the compliment Mayu paid her by calling her "one of the greatest weapons masters in the village" and "being a high ranked ninja." When the hunters were being selected for the challenge, Tenten was chosen for the Gophers, along with Ino, Aelita, and Choji. Later during the challenge, Tenten hunted for an hour and didn't get anything until she met up with Sissi. Sissi complained that Tenten didn't get there sooner and then proceeded order her to get her a bag of chips, which Tenten reluctantly agreed to do. When Tenten was getting the chips for Sissi, she had to sneak past Jim, who nearly caught her when she finally got them. After running from Jim, she stops and decides to eat some of the chips out of spite from Sissi. Later on, Tenten passed by Odd, who asked her if she shot anyone. She told him that she didn't, but she jokingly said she went on an A-ranked mission to steal chips. After she gave the chips to Sissi, Sissi threw them on the ground, since they were barbeque flavored, and told her to get dill pickle flavored ones. This got Tenten angry and she refused to switch the chips, proceeding to walk to complete the challenge. Sometime after, she managed to find Milly, but lost her target when Sissi showed up and yelled at her, scaring Milly away. Sissi tried to talk to Tenten about taking back saying "no" to her, but this just lead to another argument between them, until Ino showed up and shot Sissi on accident. After Ino tried apologizing to Sissi for shooting her, Sissi told Tenten to give her her paintball gun, but Tenten instead shot her in the back of the leg, giving her a Charlie Horse and causing her to fall down. Sissi then got up and grabbed the gun from Tenten and started shooting Ino. This lead to them shooting each other and they made such a loud commotion that Mayu, Hinata, and Herb found them and shot at them multiple times, later causing them to lose the challenge. During the bonfire ceremony, the final contestants waiting for a marshmallow were Tenten, Sissi, and Odd. Tenten was relieved when she got the second to final marshmallow of the night. When Sissi got the last marshmallow and Odd was elimination, Tenten wheeled Odd to the Dock of Shame, since he was in a wheelchair and full body cast, and showed him the tiki doll she got from Boney Island in the previous episode, then kissed him on the cheek and walked off as he mumbled frantically from his cast and rolled into the lake.

In Batter Up!, Tenten is paired with Ino to make Escargot for the cooking challenge by Sissi. When she was salting the snails, Sissi said that she wasn't doing it right and made her switch places with Ino, much to Ino's protest. Later on, when the girls were throwing around Sissi's makeup bag to keep it away from her, Yumi passed it to Tenten and Ino told her to throw it into the freezer. Sissi ordered Tenten to give her the bag, but she defied her and threw it into the freezer. This caused Sissi to run into the freezer after it, and for Tenten and the other girls to lock her inside. Before the teams served their food to Beast Boy, Tenten decorated the table he was sitting at by putting her tiki idol on it in the center of a lei. At the end of the island, after Sissi is freed from the freezer, Sissi complains over their lost and then notices Tenten's tiki idol. Tenten explains that she got the idol on Boney Island a few episodes earlier. Beast Boy freaks out over this and yells at Tenten as he specifically stated that they were not supposed to take anything from the island. Tenten states that she didn’t know this, and runs off to put it back. At the elimination ceremony, Tenten is eliminated for possibly being the cause of Gophers' losing streak.
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