Killer Bass
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: The Not So Great Outdoors
Place TDI: 19th
Friends Milly

Tamiya, labeled The Reporter's Assistant, is a camper on Season One of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko and was placed on theKiller Bass.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In Cliffhangers, Tamiya arrived with Milly and excitedly pointed out that the show was at a summer camp. When Sissi asked them weren't they too young to be on the show, they both responded that they were. When Beast Boy announced that the first challenge would be soon, Tamiya was worried of what it was. Later during the challenge, Tamiya and Milly were the last to jump for the Killer Bass, but did not jump because they could not swim. In the confessional, Tamiya scolded Milly for not having them learn how to swim before coming to the island. This caused her team to lose the challenge and for Sasuke to suggest voting either her or Milly off. At the elimination ceremony she got her marshmallow with Milly just before the bottom two.

In Insomniacs, Tamiya and the other Killer Bass were excited that Mayu was put on their team as an added advantage. Tamiya was quiet throughout the episode, but after the challenge, Sakura accused her and the other "Lyoko" characters on the team of stealing Temari's fan. After Temari tried to apologize for freaking out over her fan, after Sissi "returned" it, Tamiya and the other Killer Bass simply glared at her.

In Beast Ball, during the dodgeball game, after Rock Lee and Tamiya got Ino out, it was down to them and Odd. After Odd got Rock Lee out, Odd rubbed his shirt with a dodgeball until it got covered with electricity, then he threw it at Tamiya. She attempted to run from it, but it chased her around until she hit the wall, causing it to hit her in the back. After it was revealed that Sakura was a medic ninja, Tamiya, along with Milly, were in shock and asked her if it was true. Tamiya was not heard for the rest of the episode.

In Wawanakwa's Got Talent, Tamiya and Milly auditioned for the talent show by trying to dance, but were terrible at it. Tamiya did not speak in this episode, but during Naruto's talent show performance, Tamiya and the other contestants ran away from the bleachers when his Rasen Shuriken started heading towards them.

In The Not So Great Outdoors, Tamiya and Milly were assigned to go with Herb and find food in the woods for the challenge. While looking for food, Tamiya spotted a bunny and tried to pet it, only for it to hop away from her and for her and Milly to start chasing it. After awhile, Tamiya and Milly finally stop chasing the bunny and lay down on the ground. However, Tamiya quickly got up after realizing that it was almost sunset and they had not found any food. Matters only get worse when Milly pointed out that they are also lost causing Tamiya to worry, but then suggest finding the river to meet up with Herb. Later, Tamiya and Milly were still walking around the forest, tired, looking for the campsite or Herb. Milly then blamed Tamiya of getting them lost, offending her and causing them to get into a small argument. This argument later escalated to the point where Milly dissolved their friendship. The next day, after running out of a cave they slept in the previous night, due to a bear, Tamiya and Milly made it back to the main camp, only to discover that they caused their team to lose the challenge. At the bonfire ceremony, Tamiya was eliminated for losing the challenge for her team along with Milly, and at the Dock of Shame. her and Milly shared a tearful goodbye to each other as the boat drove off.

Tamiya is seen on the Boat of Losers at the end of To Trust or Not to Trust after Milly's elimination to greet her. They are both excited to be reunited and happily hug each other before the boat departs.
Killer Bass
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