Sissi's Alliance is the alliance created in Season One by Sissi.

Season OneEdit

This alliance was created in Insomniacs by Sissi. The very first members of the alliance are Kiba and Tenten, due to them not knowing of Sissi's true nature. Sissi told them that she would take them to the final three if they obeyed her commands. Kiba and Tenten are excited to be in the alliance, both being oblivious to Sissi's true intentions, although Tenten is shown to be less oblivious than Kiba, wondering what would happen when the alliance got to the final three.

In Beast Ball she made rules for the alliance like: Since she is the leader she makes the rules, breaking the rules will result in getting kicked out of the alliance, and no dating anyone on the other team. The last rule is broken later in the episode as Tenten goes with Neji to the dock after getting out of the challenge. This enrages Sissi, who then tries to stop her only to be stopped her self by Mayu. Later, Sissi is forced by Mayu to lift the no dating rule, which she does, and Tenten forgives her.

In Wawanakwa's Got Talent, the alliance made its first major move, eliminating Jeremy. After the Screaming Gophers lost the challenge, Sissi decided to manipulate Kiba, Tenten, Ino, and Choji into voting for Jeremy to save herself, after she read Yumi's diary to the world, giving Jeremy the majority of votes no matter how the others voted.