Screaming Gophers
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: TBA
Place TDI: TBA
Relationship Ulrich (attracted)
Friends Herb, Kiba, Nicholas
Enemies Ino, Mayu, Tenten, Yumi

Sissi, labeled The Principal's Daughter, is a camper on Season One of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko and was placed on the Screaming Gophers.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In Cliffhangers, when Sissi arrived, Yumi was openly displeased. When Ulrich arrived, she was very excited and hugged him. When walking into her cabin, she disliked the sleeping arrangements, saying that it was to "summer camp," to which Yumi said that that was the point. She openly did not care about introducing herself to the other girls and walked off to find an outlet. After not finding one, she walked out to ask Beast Boy where an outlet was. After hearing that there were only communal washrooms, she complained, causing Yumi to tell her to get over it and Sissi to tell her to shut up. During the challenge, she refused to jump off the cliff and when Ino asked why, she said she didn't want her hair to get wet. This caused Ino to get angry say she was doing it anyway. Sissi responded by insulting her, and Ino responded by throwing her off the cliff. She cheers when her team wins the challenge and at the hot tub party.

In Insomniacs, during the twenty mile run across camp, Sissi told Choji that it was because of his overeating that was making him run out of energy so quickly. During the Awake-a-thon, Sissi pulled Kiba and Tenten aside from the others so she could tell them that she wanted to put them in her alliance, to which they agreed to do. When Temari left to go use the bathroom, Sissi remembered earlier when Odd tried to touch her fan and she growled at him, so she took the fan and hid it in the bushes. Later on at night, Sissi attempted to strategize with Tenten and Kiba, but they both fell asleep. After Naruto disappeared in cloud of smoke from Sakura punching him, Sissi and the other "Lyoko" characters got surprised and she was wondering what was going on. After the challenge, when Temari was destroying everything looking for her fan, Sissi came up and gave it back to her, saying she found it. At the end of the episode, in the confessional, Sissi commented on how she got Temari eliminated that night and that she felt she was running the game.

During Beast Ball, when the first dodgeball game began, Sissi was on the team with Ino, Odd, Choji, and Kiba. She insulted the Killer Bass by telling them that if they didn't try harder, winning three in a row wouldn't be as satisfying, which caused Neji to try and throw a ball at her, only to miss by a long shot. When Mayu was about to tend to Tenten's injuries with poison senbon needles, Sissi thought she was going to try and kill Tenten. Mayu told her that the poison would only numb Tenten's pain, but Sissi insisted that Mayu shouldn't be trusted with Tenten's injuries since she's on the other team. Mayu then told her that it didn't matter whose team she was on, she helped who she wanted to. When Tenten was about to leave with Neji, Sissi tried to get her to come back and when Mayu tried to intervene, she told her she wouldn't let Tenten hang out with the "enemy" and tried to go after them. She was then stopped by Mayu when she grabbed her by the shirt and told her that she was tired and didn't want to deal with stubbornness. Sissi called her an emo, extremely angering Mayu, and she dared her to say it again. After spelling it out, Sissi got thrown on the ground and was almost killed, but was saved by Hinata who jabbed Mayu's arm. After the Bass won the challenge, Mayu took Sissi to the dock to have her apologize to Tenten, which she did with a sword secretly being held behind her back. During the bonfire ceremony, it came down to Shikamaru or Sissi to get the last marshmallow and when she got it, she told them it was obvious she'd get the last one.

In Wawanakwa's Got Talent, in the beginning of the episode, Sissi complained about there being no more fake tanner and Yumi told her in a sarcastic tone how tragic it was. When the talent show auditions began, Sissi told everyone that she was the team captain. Yumi asked who made her captain, and she told her that Kiba, Tenten, and her took a vote and she won. Yumi then told her that it wasn't very democratic to threaten them to vote for her and Sissi asked Ulrich if it was all right with him, to which he said it was fine. When Choji auditioned, Sissi found his burping the alphabet to be disgusting and refused to put him in the show. Later, Sissi auditioned herself, and afterwards, cleared her throat to Kiba and Tenten to have them put her in the show. When everyone was taking a break, Sissi sent Kiba to spy on Yumi and later, due to Kiba's spying, Sissi discovered that Yumi had a diary. After the break, Tenten auditioned by twirling two batons that were on fire and Sissi asked her if it was safe, scared that someone would get hurt. Then, when everyone noticed a bush was on fire, Kiba put it out with his Tunneling Fang and Sissi thought it was amazing and put him in the show. After Yumi came back, Sissi asked her where she was and she told her that it was none of her business. After Yumi left for a swim, Sissi took this as an opportunity to find her diary, so she had Kiba stand guard and let her know when Yumi got back. When Yumi came back, Kiba let Sissi know by talking loudly, she got frantic and eventually found the dairy. When Yumi got past Kiba, she asked what was going on and Sissi gave a fake yawn and told her nothing. Before the talent show began, Hinata was very nervous and Sissi came in and tried to get her even more nervous by telling her about Jim judging her, the contestants watching her, and the possibility of elimination if she messed up, but before she was able to go on, Mayu yelled at her to go away, which she did. When Sissi came onstage to perform, she told everyone that instead of dancing, she was going to celebrate team spirit by reading Yumi's diary. As she was reading, Mayu came in and took it away from her before she got too far then gave it back to Yumi. Before the bonfire ceremony, Sissi had Ino, Choji, Kiba, and Tenten vote with her to have Jeremy voted off in order to save herself. She smiled proudly when her plan worked and she was given the final marshmallow instead of Jeremy. Later that night, Yumi and Mayu put red ants in Sissi's bed and she was seen running out of her cabin with ants all over her, screaming into the night.

In The Not So Great Outdoors, while the Screaming Gophers were walking to their campsite in the woods, Sissi said that the next person to leave would be Yumi for dumping red ants in her bed. Ulrich told her that it was probably because she read Yumi's diary to the world, Sissi didn't care and still wanted Yumi voted off. When Choji returned to the campsite with the fish, Sissi asked Choji and Kiba how they knew how to catch fish, to which Kiba sarcastically told her that it was because they were ninja. After Choji told everyone that his, Shikamaru, and Ino's sensei, Asuma, was killed by an immortal man, the "Lyoko" characters gasped, and Sissi said that she thought immortals didn't exist. When the bear showed up at the Gophers' campsite, Sissi hid behind Tenten and told her to do something, but Tenten told her that Beast Boy said they couldn't use their ninja powers or tools. When the bear started smelling the fish, Sissi yelled at it not to eat their fish and Aelita was worried that it might've already eaten Odd, to which Sissi said that then it shouldn't have been hungry anymore, causing her to get shocked looks from Ulirch and Yumi. The next morning, after the bear was revealed to be Odd and then later a real bear showed up, Sissi yelled at Odd for making them sleep in a tree for the rest of the night by attracting a real bear. When they made it back to camp, upon seeing the Killer Bass had already beaten them there, Sissi pushed Odd down, blaming him for there loss. She cheered when it turned out that they won and at the reward party, was annoyed by Choji's obnoxious eating.

In Fear Antics, when everyone was sharing their fears, Sissi admitted her fear was of bad haircuts, same as Milly. When Beast Boy was telling everyone about the challenge, Mayu blamed Sissi for him knowing their fears, but Sissi denied her accusation. When Sissi and Milly's fear challenge began, they both shivered as Beast Boy put brown mullet wigs on their heads. Sissi was not seen again until after her and Milly took their wigs off, after doing so, Sissi complimented Milly by saying that she looked better without the wig. During Sakura's fear challenge, Sissi was last heard after she tried to psyche Sakura out by saying how gross the green jelly looked.

In Ready Oar Not, when Sissi walked up to the canoes, she saw that everyone was partnered up, but Choji showed up and she was forced to partner up with him. While they were rowing their canoe through the water, Sissi hit Choji over the head with a paddle for making a perverted joke. Sissi was impressed when Mayu and Sasuke took out the prehistoric geese, so she complimented them, but got slapped in the face by Mayu's ponytail, and coughed up some hair. When Ulrich was sinking in quicksand, Sissi tried to rush in and save him, but got stuck in it too. Then, after they get out of the quicksand thanks to Odd, Sissi hugged Odd, calling him her hero, then quickly released him in embarassment. Sissi got in Mayu's face after she started the fire with Sasuke, telling her that using Jutsu wasn't allowed, but got told off when Mayu told her that the rule was no using "Fire" Jutsu, when in fact she used Lightning Jutsu. After Kiba started the huge fire, Sissi asked him how he was able to do so and he told her that it was an Inuzuka Clan specialty. She was in the bottome two at the bonfire ceremony, but got the last marshmallow. When Kiba asked why he was eliminated, she told him that he got voted off because he helped the other team win.

In Paintball It Up, after Beast Boy woke everyone up, Sissi sent Tenten to go warm up the shower and told her to make sure it wasn't too hot. When Sissi told Tenten to come into the restroom to lotion her back, Mayu spoke for Tenten and refused to do so. Thinking that it was Tenten, Sissi came out in anger, but was frightened when she realized it was Mayu. Mayu got in Sissi's head by telling her about how she knows that Sissi's scared of her, but before she could finished, they were called to the firepit. When Mayu was asked to demonstrate how to use a gun, Sissi was chosen as her target and was shot in the head. When Sissi got back up, she disappointed Mayu and Yumi who thought the gun was a real one and that Sissi was dead. Sissi was picked as a deer in the challenge for her team, along with Ulrich, Yumi, and Odd. Sissi refused to wear a fake deer nose, antlers and tail, biut was forced to as part of the challenge. When walking in woods, Sissi stopped told Ulrich and Yumi that she was going to wait for Tenten to guard her. Yumi asked if it was cheating, and Sissi said sarcastically asked for a rulebook. Later, when Tenten arrived, Sissi told her that she was supposed to be protecting her, and sent her to get a bag of chips from the dining hall and make sure not they weren't barbeque. When Tenten returned, Sissi complained about the amount of chips left and the fact that they were in barbeque. She told her to go exchange them for dill pickle, but Tenten refused, causing them to get in an arguement. Sissi and Tenten argued over the alliance until Tenten walked away, and shortly afterwards, Sissi got shot in the arm and the head by Mayu and Herb. Sissi later found Tenten and yelled at her, ruining Tenten's chances of getting Milly. They got into another arguement about taking back the word "no", then Sissi got shot in the back by Ino. Enraged, Sissi ordered Tenten to give her her paintball gun, but got shot in the leg, making her fall over. Getting back up, Sissi grabbed Tenten's gun and started shooting both her and Ino, which led to a firefight between the three. This caused such a commotion, that Hinata, Mayu, and Herb heard them and proceeded to shoot at them, just before the challenge ended. Her team lost and when it came down to the final marshmallow, it was between Odd and Sissi. Sissi recieved it, and angrily told her team that they were all very lucky.
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