Killer Bass
Gender Female
Hair color Pink
Eye color Green
Eliminated TDI: Jim Class
Place TDI: 13th
Relationship Sasuke (attracted)
Friends Hinata, Naruto, Rock Lee
Enemies Mayu, Milly, Nicholas

Sakura, labeled The Strong Medic, is a camper on Season One of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko and was placed on the Killer Bass.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In Cliffhangers, Sakura arrived after Naruto and Sasuke had a fight shortly after their arrival. She hits Naruto upside the head after he keeps interrupting Beast Boy and, had mixed emotions when she was placed on the Killer Bass with Sasuke. Later, during the challenge, she is hesitant to jump off the cliff and asks if anyone else wanted to go first. When Hinata was scared to jump of the cliff, Sakura tried to help calm her down and later jumped off after Hinata finally did. After the challenge, when the Bass were deciding who to vote off, Sasuke suggested voting off Tamiya or Milly, and Sakura defended them by telling him not to pick on them. When Nicholas said ninja were weak, she immediately got angry at him and picked him up by the shirt collar. She later dropped him after Hinata tried to defend him. At the elimination ceremony, she was put in the bottom two along with Nicholas, but luckily survived elimination and contently said goodbye to him as he left. At the end of the episode, while walking back to her cabin, she went to a camera man and warned the viewers that she was determined to win and that no one would stop her.

In Insomniacs, after the twenty mile run across the camp, Sakura got angry at Herb for making it to the mess hall last. When Mayu debuted, Sakura and the other ninja were surprised at her arrival. During the Awake-a-thon, Sakura punched Naruto for making a perverted smile at her, making him disappear in a puff of smoke and revealing it to actually be a shadow clone of Naruto. Sakura later punched the real Naruto for cheating after the contestants found him asleep behind a bush. After the challenge, when Temari threw a fit because her fan was stolen, Sakura accused Herb, Tamiya, and Milly of stealing it, saying they're the only ones stupid enough to do so. After the bonfire ceremony, Sakura proposed a marshmallow toast to the Killer Bass, hoping not to be at the next bonfire ceremony again.

In Beast Ball, when Beast Boy told the contestants that their next challenge was a game of dodgeball, Sakura told Beast Boy that her and the other ninja didn't have dodgeball in the Leaf Village. After Beast Boy explained dodgeball to the ninja, Sakura was in the first round for her team. Later on in the second round, when Neji attempted the to throw all of the dodgeballs, Sakura accidently got hit, causing her to yell at him to hit someone on the other team. When Mayu was arguing with Sissi about helping Tenten out, it was revealed to everyone that Sakura was a doctor, or more correctly, a Medic Ninja after training with the leader of their village. After Sissi called Mayu an emo, Sakura and the other ninja gasped in shock, and later, cheered after the Killer Bass were declared the winners of the challenge.

In Wawanakwa's Got Talent, while her teammates were auditioning for the talent show, Sakura was so disappointed by Tamiya and Milly's audition that she face palmed herself. After Naruto auditioned with his Rasen Shuriken, Sakura was not impressed, saying it was just a justu he learned a month ago. Despite this she signed him up anyway and almost immediately dismissed Herb when he got ready to audition. She later put Mayu in the talent show and after some convincing, put Hinata in also. She was not heard for the rest of the episode besides cheering when her team won.

In The Not So Great Outdoors, Sakura took control of the campsite in the woods by assigning everyone to jobs such as: firewood, fire, food, and water. Later, she scolded Herb yet again after he came back from getting food without Tamiya and Milly who were with him. After Hinata accidently burned down the tent, Sakura complained in frustration and got even more frustrated when it started raining soon after. At the end of the challenge, Sakura was again angry, this time at Tamiya and Milly, for losing the challenge for them by getting lost and most likely voted one of them off.

In Fear Antics, Sakura was suspicious of the Screaming Gophers when they tried to share some of their reward food with the Bass. When Tenten offered green gelatin to her, Sakura freaked out then tried to regain her composure by calmly saying she didn't want any. While the campers were telling each other their fears, Sakura asks Sasuke what his fear, which is revealed to be wax figures, causing her to make fun of him. Soon after, Ulrich tried to get her to say her fear, but she insisted that she didn't have one. During the challenge, when it was Rock Lee's turn to face his fear, Sakura encouraged him by telling him to use his Power of Youth, which works as he faces his fear. She was one of the ninja supposedly killed by Mayu's brother Shenzo. After Mayu's fear challenge, Beast Boy said that it was time for Sakura's fear challenge. Sakura is confused by this since she did not say her fear, but it is revealed that her fear is green jelly and that Beast Boy knew that from her reaction to the gelatin that Tenten tried to give her. For her challenge, Sakura had to jump off an extremely tall diving post and board into a pool of jelly. She nervously tried to do it, but eventually could not, losing the challenge for her team. In the elimination ceremony, Sakura was in the bottom two with Neji and fortunately got the last marshmallow.

In Ready Oar Not, Sakura encourages Hinata to ask Naruto to be her canoe partner. She herself ends up being partners with Rock Lee and later, when they get near Boney Island and fog surrounds them, she agrees with Mayu about get nostalgic in a bad way. When the campers were running from the prehistoric geese, Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke, and Mayu used a team formation, called "Formation Seven" to defeat them. Later on, she suggested that the team go left at a fork in the road, and they follow her direction. Soon after, Naruto sprains his ankle and Sakura used Medical Ninjustu to help him. While the teams were building fires, Sakura thought that they need more firewood, causing Herb to use their oars as such, and when Mayu punched him back into the forest Sakura told Mayu that they couldn't leave him there. Sakura was at first skeptical at Rock Lee when he said that he would push the canoes back to camp, but cheered her team's victory after he did so.

In Paintball It Up, Sakura did not do much. She asked why Sissi was taking so long in the bathroom when all the girls were waiting outside for her to get out. She was chosen as a deer for the challenge and was not seen again until the end where she cheers when her team wins the challenge.

In Batter Up!, Sakura partnered up with Rock Lee to make Ramen for the cooking challenge though she did not appear happy about it. She was not seen much in this episode, but off-screen, asked Naruto for help when he was talking to Hinata. She cheered when her team won, and was one of the girls in the lake to laugh at Herb who was naked on the dock.

In To Trust or Not to Trust, Sakura is paired with Milly during the Blind William Tell challenge. Milly offers to be the blindfolded shooter, and Sakura reluctantly accepts. This proves to be a bad idea as Milly constantly misses the arrow on Sakura's head with the crab apples and instead is hit on other parts of her body. Even after the Gophers won the challenge, she continued to pelt Sakura with the apples until she was stopped by Beast Boy. This caused Sakura to faint from the damage, and at the elimination ceremony, most likely caused Milly to get eliminated for revenge.

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