Rock Lee
Killer Bass
Rock lee2
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: TBA
Place TDI: TBA
Friends Hinata, Naruto, Neji, Sakura, Tenten

Rock Lee, labeled The Youthful Spirit, is a camper on Season One of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko and was placed on the Killer Bass.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In Cliffhangers, Lee arrived after Tenten, proclaiming he would fill the show with the Power of Youth, and was surprised to see Tenten there, as he did not know she was joining. When Neji arrived, he explained how she surprised both of them. He tried to reassure Tamiya that the first challenge would not be too hard, but stated that he might be wrong as it was revealed the challenge was to jump off a thousand foot cliff into shark infested waters. Despite this, he easily jumped the cliff. He along with other ninja were angry with Nicholas' comments on ninja and most likley voted him off for it, where Lee himself got the second marshmallow of the night.

In Insomniacs, Lee did not speak and most likely fell asleep early on in the challenge. He also got one of the first few marshmallows during the bonfire ceremony.

During Beast Ball, after Ino got out of the dodgeball game, Lee and Tamiya had Odd cornered, as he was the last one on the court for his team. Unfortunately, Odd quickly got Lee out by spinning a dodgeball and throwing it passed Lee, making him think he missed, only for it to curve and hit Lee's behind. For the remainder of the challenge Lee was quiet, but cheered win his team won.

In Wawanakwa's Got Talent, Lee auditioned for the talent show challenge by trying to break ten cinderblocks stacked on top of each other in one karate chop, but ended up hurting himself after making contact with the first cinderblock. Lee was once again silent for the rest of the episode, besides cheering when his team won.

In The Not So Great Outdoors, when Sakura gave out tasks, she told Lee that him and Neji would be going with her to get some fire wood, which Lee agreed to. After Hinata burned the tent down, Lee and the rest of the Killer Bass were mad at her. Lee was did not speak for the rest of the episode.

In Fear Antics, when Tenten tried to give Lee a plate of gelatin that her team won from the last episode, Lee was frightened by what looked like a snake inside the gelatin and knocked it out of Tenten's hand. It was then revealed to be a gummy worm, after Odd pulled it out of the gelatin, and Lee revealed that he is afraid of snakes. During his fear challenge, Lee had to touch a snake, which he was afraid of doing. However, after encouragement from his team, he let the snake crawl on his finger and completed his challenge. He was one of the ninja that seemed to be dead during Mayu's fear challenge and did not speak for the rest of the episode.

In Ready Oar Not, Lee paired up with Sakura during the canoe challenge. When the episode cut to a commercial, Lee was featured in it along with his sensei, Guy. In the commercial, Lee and Guy were endorsing the toothpaste brand "Colgate Total" where Lee used the toothpaste to become stronger and more popular. After the commercial, Mayu questioned Lee doing a Colgate commercial and Lee said that it was how he got his teeth the way they are. When Naruto struggled with his broken leg, Lee suggested that Hinata use her Hyuga Clan Secret Ointment. After she used it, he started to congratulate Hinata on not fainting, but she soon fainted before he could finish. When the Bass tried to figure out who to have push everyone and the canoes back to camp, Lee excitedly volunteered. Sakura questioned this, but Lee's determination caused her to agree. He then quickly pushed his team past the Gophers and back to the camp, winning the challenge for his team.

In Paintball It Up, when the teams were decided, Lee was a deer for his team along with Milly, Sasuke, and Sakura. During the head start, Lee pranced off like a deer and was not seen again until the end of the challenge.
Killer Bass
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