Screaming Gophers
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde with purple mark
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: Paintball It Up
Place TDI: 16th
Friends Aelita, Choji, Jeremy, Tenten, Ulrich, Yumi

Odd, labeled The Prankster, is a camper on Season One of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko and was placed on the Screaming Gophers.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In Cliffhangers, Odd arrived to the island by jet skiing a boat. He was doing good, but eventually lost his balance and spun across the water and landed on the dock, into the other contestants' luggage. When he heard that Kiba had a dog, Odd was excited and said the he had a dog too, named Kiwi. Later, Odd was very excited to hear that him, Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, and Yumi would be on the same team. When going into the cabins, Odd commented on how loud Sissi was being, and Ulrich commented that Odd was very loud also. Afterwards, when the contestants were in the mess hall, Odd and the other "Lyoko" characters were shocked to learn that their gym teacher, Jim. He was discussed by Jim's cooking, and in the confessional, said that even he wouldn't eat it. During the challenge, Odd tried to reassure everyone that the challenge wouldn't kill them and later, when it was his turn, he had no problem jumping off the cliff. At his team's hot tub party, he proposed a toast to their win.

In the beginning of Insomniacs, Odd is scared by Temari when she growls at him for almost touching her fan. Later, during the Awake-a-thon, he fell asleep on Choji's butt, but did not know this until Choji passed gas on him. He was not seen for the rest of episode as he most likely fell asleep again afterwards.

During Beast Ball, after Ino got out in the dodgball game, Odd was cornered by Tamiya and Rock Lee. Odd was scared at first, but then got an idea to get both of them out. First, he spun a dodgeball then threw it at Lee, he dodged it, but the ball came back and hit his butt. Then, Odd rubbed another ball on his jacket causing static electricity to surround it. He then threw the ball at Tamiya, and it followed her as she ran away from it until she hit the wall, causing it to catch up and hit her, making Odd win the round for his team. When Sissi and Mayu were arguing, Odd said to Ulrich that he believed they were going to fight, to which Ulrich agreed and during the elimination ceremony, Odd was happy to get the first marshmallow.

In Wawanakwa's Got Talent, after Choji burped the alphabet for his talent audition, Odd gave him a high five for his talent, thinking it was cool, and argued with Sissi to let Choji do it for the show which she disagreed to do. Later on, while Ulrich and Yumi were sitting on the dock, Odd and Choji did a cannonball into the water and ended up splashing Yumi. Choji then pinned the blame on Odd after Yumi got mad and in the confessional, asked what he did, confused of why she was mad. He was quiet for the rest of the episode besides cheering after each talent. Later, during the bonfire ceremony, Odd along with the other Lyoko warriors, were upset that Jeremy got eliminated instead of Sissi and was sad to see him go.

In The Not So Great Outdoors, while the Screaming Gophers were walking to the campsite, Aelita wondered how Sissi was not eliminated last episode. Odd told her that he went to take a nap after the talent show and didn't wake up until the bonfire ceremony, so he didn't have a chance to vote. This upset her and she ran off crying, causing Odd to try to go after her only for Ulrich to stop him and in the confessional, he apologized to Jeremy for not voting. Later on, Odd dressed up as a bear to scare everyone on his team, but it wasn't until Ino fell out of the tree that he revealed it was him. Afterwards, a real bear showed up, but Odd, Ulrich, and Choji thought it was another disguise until it was discoverd to be real and they all hid in a tree. The next morning, Odd wondered how squirrels could sleep in trees since his back was stiff. When the Gophers saw that the Bass made it to back to camp first, Sissi pushed Odd down, blaming him for their lost, but they all cheered when it turned out they won due to a technicality. After the bonfire beremony, Odd tried to apologize to Aelita, but she told him that Sissi would've found some other way not to get eliminated and kissed him on the cheek to show that she was not mad anymore.

In Fear Antics, when Rock Lee smacked a plate of gelatin out of Tenten's hands, thinking there was a snake in it, Odd showed him that it was just a gummy worm after pulling it out. When the contestants started discussing their fears, Odd told them that his fear is defusing a time bomb under pressure. During Herb's challenge, after he knocked himself unconscious with his own nun-chucks, the ninjas that were there to scare him turned out to be Odd, Ulrich, and Tenten, who then laughed at him. Tenten then asked if the black ninja pajamas they were wearing are what they expected the ninjas to wear, Odd said yes, but told her that their regular outfits are way cooler. In his fear challenge, Beast Boy told Odd that he had to defuse a garbage bomb. Odd didn't think he could do it and later on, failed the challenge as the bomb exploded, covering him in garbage. He wandered around the forest, disoriented, and encountered Hinata during her fear challenge. Odd's appearence in the garbage scared her and she used her Gentle Fist on him, knocking him on the ground and some of the garbage off. She saw that it was Odd and apologized for hurting him. After clearing things up, Odd walked back to camp and was not seen for the rest of the episode.

In Ready Oar Not, when the contestants were deciding their canoe partners, Odd walked up and made Yumi his partner, just as she was about to ask for Ulrich to be her partner. While trying to put their canoe in the water, Odd had a hard time pulling it in. Seeing this, Mayu secretly pushed the canoe in the water, making Odd think he did it. As they were heading to Boney Island, Odd offered to get Ulrich to canoe back with Yumi, on the condition that she put on a semi-revealing bikini, due to a bet with Choji. This angered Yumi and she hit Odd in the groin with her paddle. Later, when Ulrich and Sissi got stuck in quicksand, Odd tried to save them by Tarzan swinging down to them with a vine. Unfortunately, he missed and hit a tree, but his vine swung back and into Ulrich's grip, getting them both out. After getting out, Sissi hugged Odd and called him her hero only to break the hug in embarassment. When getting off the island, Odd set Yumi up with Ulrich, and went back with Aelita and Tenten.

In Paintball It Up, while Beast Boy explained the next challenge, Odd was told that he would be a deer for his team, along with Ulrich, Yumi, and Sissi. When the challenge began, Odd tried to cheer his teammates up, who were complaining about having to wear deer tails, noses, and antlers, but got a cold glare from them, causing him to run off scared. Later on, Odd met up with Tenten who was complaining about getting chips for Sissi. While Sissi and Tenten were arguing, Odd snatched the bag of chips and left them to argue. After finishing the chips, Odd started getting blueberries from a bush, and when he saw what looked like a blackberry, he tried to pull it out, revealing that it was the nose of a bear. Scared, Odd tried to offer the bear the berries he had, but it rejected them, and attacked him. Odd was in a full body cast ad wheelchair for the rest of the episode, but in the confessional, he was confident that they were going to vote Sissi off. Unfortunatly, at the bonfire ceremony, he got voted off instead and had to be wheeled to the Dock of Shame by Tenten. On the dock, Tenten told him about the tiki doll she took from Boney Island, unable to speak, Odd mumbled frantically, trying to warn her about the tiki idol, until his wheelchair rolled off the dock and into the water.
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