Killer Bass
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDI: TBA
Place TDI: TBA
Friends Hinata, Kiba, Rock Lee, Sakura

Naruto, labeled The Hyper-active Knucklehead, is a camper on Season One of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko and was placed on the Killer Bass.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In Cliffhangers, Naruto arrived angry as he yelled at the boat driver for their bad driving. After greeting Rock Lee he saw Yumi and wondered who she was, to which she introduced her self. When Sasuke arrived, he was shocked and asked why he was there. Sasuke refused to answer, angering Naruto and causing him to attack. Sasuke easily blocked this and threatened to kill him, only for Beast Boy to intervene and tell them to make a truce for the time being. After finding out the teams, Naruto had mixed emotions on Sasuke being on his team. In the confessional, Naruto explained how Sasuke left his village to work for Orochimaru three years prior and how he wouldn't let Sasuke being on his team stop him from winning. After settling into the cabins, Hinata walked up and said that it looked like they would be working together. Naruto agreed and said it would be cool for them to work together more often and put his hand on her shoulder, causing her to faint. In the mess hall, Naruto did not like Jim's cooking and asked if they could have Ramen instead. This angered Jim and he trough a butcher knife past him. During the challenge, Naruto was the first to jump and had no problem jumping, making it in the safe zone easily. After the challenge, Naruto was one of the many ninja to be mad at Nicholas for insulting them and most likely voted him off. At the elimination ceremony, he got the first marshmallow of the series.

In Insomniacs, Naruto, along with the rest of the ninja, were shocked when Mayu debuted. Later, during the Awake-a-thon challenge, Naruto seemed to not be tired at all, causing Hinata to ask if he was ok. He responds by saying he has a lot of stamina, making a perverted joke, and smiled at Sakura. Sakura then punched him, making him disappear in a puff of smoke. It is then revealed that it was a Shadow Clone, one of Naruto's abilities, which caused confusion to the "Lyoko" characters. After Beast Boy explained the ninjas' abilities, Hinata used her Byakugan to find Naruto sleeping behind a bush. Sakura then woke him up by angrily punching him for cheating at which point Beast Boy tells him he's out. He was nearly voted off for his cheating, ending up in the bottom two with Temari. Fortunately, Naruto got the last marshmallow of the night after which Mayu insulted Naruto, saying he's less important than Temari's fan. Afterwards, he and the rest of the team did a group marshmallow roasting over the bonfire.

During Beast Ball, Naruto was one of the many sleepy Killer Bass members in the mess hall. Later, when Beast Boy announced that the next challenge would be a dodgeball game, Naruto asked what dodgeball was, since he and the other ninja do not have it in the Hidden Leaf Village. At the beginning of the second round, Naruto almost makes a comment when Neji tells the team to give the balls to him, meaning the dodgeballs, but in the confessional says it would be too easy and stifles a laugh. After his team won the challenge, Naruto asks Hinata why she saved Sissi from being killed by Mayu for calling her emo. Hinata tells him she didn't want to see anyone die and Naruto tells her that it was a very noble act.

In Wawanakwa's Got Talent, after Beast Boy announced the talent show, Naruto auditioned for it with his Rasen Shuriken technique and took down five trees. Later, when he performed it for the talent show, it curved after being thrown and hit the bleachers where the contestants were sitting who, luckily, were not harmed. This won him a five for performance. He did not speak for the rest of the episode, besides occasionally cheering after each talent.

In The Not So Great Outdoors, when Naruto and the rest of his team arrived at the campsite, Naruto thought the campsite looked empty and Sakura told him that they had to set up camp themselves. When Sakura was giving everyone their tasks, she told Naruto and Hinata to set up the tent. While Naruto and Hinata were setting up the tent, he tried to give Hinata a compliment by telling her that she knows how to pitch a guy's tent. Unfortunately, she took it the wrong way and fainted, surprising Naruto and wonder why she fainted. Mayu then walked up and hinted to how what Naruto said could sound perverted, causing Naruto to look in shock and in the confessional, facepalm for what he said. Once Hinata woke up, Naruto told her that he didn't mean what he said the way she thought, and Hinata said it was okay and that she just overreacted. After Mayu came up from behind Hinata and scared her, Naruto came up and held her, trying to calm her down. While Naruto was holding Hinata, he yelled at Mayu, telling her that her joke wasn't funny. After Hinata accidently burned down the tent, Naruto and the other Bass got a little mad at her. The next morning, Naruto awoke when he heard Hinata screaming after she realized she was on top of Naruto. She apologized for sleeping on him, but he told her that he didn't mind. When she heard him say that, she blushed and fainted again. Naruto was silent for the rest of the episode.

In Fear Antics, during the contestants fear sharing at the campfire, Naruto revealed that his fear was to not be able to eat Ramen and that he has barely been able to last this long without it. During his fear challenge, Naruto went to the mess hall after Beast Boy announced that there was a special treat for the contestants inside. Naruto realized that the treat was Ramen after he sees Ulrich walk out with a bowl of it. When Naruto finally got into the mess hall, he asked Beast Boy for two bowls of Ramen, but Beast Boy told him that they had just ran out of it. This caused Naruto to yell in dismay, which echoes throughout the entire camp. He plays as one of the ninja to be killed by Shenzo during Mayu's fear challenge and is shocked when it's discovered that Mayu knew that none of them were dead.

In Ready Oar Not, when Beast Boy was explaining the next challenge, Naruto got confused when he said that they would have to portage their canoes through Boney Island until it was later explained to him. Later, when Naruto was setting up his canoe, Hinata walked up to him and nervously asked him if she could partner with him. He gladly accepted the offer and Hinata blushed. While canoeing to Boney Island, Naruto noticed that Hinata wasn't paddling with him and politely asked her to help. She does, and then Naruto asked if she was ok since she seemed distant. She said that it was because she was homesick and Naruto agreed, saying that he also missed home a little. When the cast arrived to Boney Island, Naruto, along with Mayu, Sakura, and Sasuke felt nostalgic as mist started rolling in around them. When the Prehistoric Geese started chasing everyone, Naruto, again with Mayu, Sasuke, and Sakura performed Formation Seven where they made a net out of wire which trapped the geese. Later on, while the Bass were walking on their own, Naruto tripped and sprained his ankle. He acts overdramatic and told them to leave without him, which Mayu tries to do, but they carry him the rest of the way instead. Unfortunately, he continues having difficulties with his ankle as he is forced to drag himself around when collecting firewood. Upon seeing this, Rock Lee told Hinata to use her Clan's Secret Ointment, surprising her. She applies it, and Naruto states that his ankle now feels better, thanking Hinata and causing her to blush. He cheers for Rock Lee when he pushes all of the Bass back to camp and cheers when his team wins.

In Paintball It Up, when Beast Boy threw a can of beans at Hinata, Naruto caught it before it hit her in the face. Soon after, Naruto asked what a gun was when Odd reacted in fright of Beast Boy holding the paintball gun. After Beast Boy finished explaining the challenge, Naruto was seen eating some of the beans with Choji, claiming that they were actually pretty good. When the groups were decided, Naruto was a hunter for his team along with Mayu, Herb, and Hinata. When the challenge started, Naruto tried doing a stealthy approach by tiptoeing around the area, but it was shown that he was only five feet from the others. When he found Ulrich, he hid in a bush, but was shortly found out when he jumped out of the bush out of fear from a snake he on him. This caused Ulrich to run and to have Naruto chase after him. When Naruto finally cornered Ulrich at the top of the cliff, he tried to shoot at him, but he had no ammo. Ulrich took this as a chance to retaliate, and threw Naruto off the cliff. After the challenge was over, Naruto walked in all soaking wet, but cheered when his team won the challenge.

In the beginning of Batter Up!, Naruto was shown sleeping on the top bunk of the cabin, though he soon fell off and landed on a pair of Herb's underwear. This wakes up Naruto and he is disgusted when he realizes what he landed on. He yells at Herb, who then wakes up and tells Naruto that the underwear isn't his. Naruto, and the other Bass boys, continued to argue with Herb over it until Herb walked out of the cabin. This prompted Naruto to create a plan to get punish Herb, which Sasuke and Rock Lee agree to participate in. When the Bass are gathering food, Naruto gets appointed as head chef, mostly so he won't do any of the actual cooking. He decides to go with an Italian theme as an excuse to make Ramen, and after everyone pairs up to make each dish, Hinata is left over and Naruto decides to have her be his assistant. Throughout the challenge he helps the team with the dishes and seems to bond with Hinata, much to her delight. When serving the food to Beast Boy, it turns out Naruto got the nationalities mixed up as they made mostly Japanese food, even though he told Beast Boy they'd be making Italian. Despite this, they end up winning the challenge.

In To Trust or Not to Trust, Naruto is first seen complementing Hinata for her assistance in the previous challenge. She thanks them, and in a rare act of confidence, prompted by Rock Lee, she hugs hugs him excitedly. This shocked Naruto and he stared flabbergasted at her after she broke the hug. During the first trust challenge, Naruto was paired with Sasuke, much to his disliking. When Sasuke was setting up Naruto for the rock climb, Naruto constantly complained, saying he was being too rough, and almost attacked him before being stopped by Beast Boy. Naruto fairs well in the challenge until Yumi, who was ahead of him on the cliff, got her pants ripped due to a trick by Sissi. The patch of her pants landed on his face, and after taking it off and seeing her exposed underwear, Naruto freaked, let go off the cliff wall and fell to the bottom, right on top of Sasuke. In the second challenge, Naruto was paired with Hinata in another cooking challenge. This time, Hinata had her be the cook and prepare the poisonous blowfish. After she prepared it, Naruto had to taste it, worrying Hinata. He gave her a reassuring smile and ate it. Nothing happened, meaning she prepared it right, and after the pair of Ulrich and Aelita failed, they won the challenge. Naruto also competed in the final trust challenge, the Blind Toboggan Race, this time paired up with Rock Lee. They work great together and almost win the challenge, but in the end they lose the race and their team is sent to elimination. Fortunately, Naruto survives the bonfire ceremony.
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