Screaming Gophers
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: Ready Oar Not
Place TDI: 17th
Friends Choji, Hinata, Naruto, Sissi, Tenten
Enemies Ino

Kiba, labeled The Wild Dog, is a camper on Season One of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko and was placed on the Screaming Gophers.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In Cliffhangers, Kiba was the last contestant to arrive. When Hinata noticed his dog, Akamaru, was not with him, he sadly told her he had to leave him behind. Later, as the Gopher boys were settling into the cabin, Jeremy asked if he and the others were really ninja, which Kiba confirmed. During the challenge, had no problem jumping and cheered when his team won and at the hot tub party.

In Insomniacs, after the twenty mile run across camp, Kiba and the rest of his team started cheering when they thought they won the challenge and, when Mayu debuted, Kiba was one of the other ninja shown to be surprised. During the Awake-a-thon, Kiba did a handstand to try and get the blood to rush to his head so he could stay awake longer and later, Tenten joined him. While they were doing handstands, Sissi showed up and took them to the corner of the campsite and told them that she chose them to be in an alliance with her, which they agreed to. Later on, Sissi tried to strategize with Kiba and Tenten, but they fell asleep and Kiba was not seen for the rest of the episode.

During Beast Ball, after Beast Boy explained dodgeball to the ninja, Kiba was in the first round for his team along with Sissi, Ino, Odd, and Choji. After the first round, Kiba was selected again for the second round team with Tenten, Ulrich, Jeremy, and Choji. In Tenten's flashback, Sissi was discussing the rules of the alliance with Kiba and Tenten, after Sissi said the first rule, Kiba guessed the second rule correctly. Kiba gasped when Sissi called Mayu an emo and was silent during the bonfire ceremony.

In Wawanakwa's Got Talent, when the Gophers were auditioning for the talent show, Sissi told everyone that she was team captain, because Kiba and Tenten voted her to be. When everyone took a break from auditioning, Sissi told Kiba to spy on Yumi and after telling Sissi about Yumi's diary, she told him to come back. After Tenten's audition, she caught a bush on fire, and Kiba put it out with his Tunneling Fang Jutsu, which got him into the talent show. After the auditions were over, Yumi walked off to go for a swim and Sissi wanted Kiba to stand guard in front of the cabin while she searched for Yumi's diary. When Yumi came back, Kiba let Sissi know that Yumi was back by talking loudly and tried to keep Yumi from going into the cabin. This failed and he let her in, just as Sissi found the diary. During the talent show, Kiba performed with his Tunneling Fang Jutsu, and carved a Chibi Beast Boy head, and got an eight for the performance. Kiba was not heard for the rest of the episode, but was told by Sissi to vote off Jeremy.

In The Not So Great Outdoors, once the Gophers made it to their campsite for the challenge, Kiba started roaring and yelling like he was a bear to try and attract bears. While setting up camp, Kiba and Choji decided to go look for food in the woods. When Kiba and Choji returned with fish, Sissi was impressed and wondered how they were so good at getting fish. Kiba thought it was obvious and said it was because they were ninjas. When a bear appeared at the Gopher campsite, forcing the team to hide in a tree, Sissi blamed Kiba of attracting the bear with his roaring and acting like a bear, making Kiba defend himself, saying he was just having fun. When the bear talked to Ino, Kiba and the rest of the team got confused looks on their faces, only later for it to turn out to be Odd in a bear suit. In the morning, after sleeping in the tree, Odd was wondering how squirrels could sleep in trees and Kiba commented saying that they must be very limber. After the Gophers won the challenge, Kiba and the other Gophers were seen enjoying the reward party.

In Fear Antics, Kiba and the other Gophers hung out with the Bass at the firepit after Choji stunk up their cabins. While everyone was sharing thier fears, Kiba revealed to have the same fear as Choji of going into a plane. When Kiba and Choji went into a plane with Jim for their fear challenge, they quickly started freaking out. After their challenge was over, Choji and Kiba ran out of the plane and kissed the ground in relief. In Mayu's fear challenge, Kiba played as one of the ninja killed by Shenzo and was silent for the rest of the episode.

In Ready Oar Not, while the team was trying to start a fire during the challenge, Kiba made a ball of sand and tree sap and tossed it in the fire making it huge. After doing so, Kiba told everyone that it was an Inuzuka Clan specialty, and Choji asked if that meant it was food that exploded when you ate it. Kiba corrected him and said that it wasn't food, but was a smoke bomb compound. When the teams were leaving to go back to the main island, Kiba helped the Killer Bass after their paddles got destroyed by telling them to have someone push the team and their members back to the island. After his team lost the challenge, Ino blamed Kiba for their loss, then chased him around with a paddle after he claimed to not be scared of her. In the Bonfire Ceremony, Kiba was the only one who did not get a marshmallow. He asked what he did wrong and Sissi told him that it was because he told the other team how to win. He defended himself, saying he was helping Hinata, and then left for the Boat of Losers.
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