The host gives most of the contestants a big surprise when a latecomer joins the competiton. Someone forms an alliance with two other campers and someone else is voted off after going on a rampage over a missing item.

Season 1, Episode 2
Date Posted December 22, 2010
Challenge Awake-a-thon
Winner(s) Screaming Gophers
Eliminated Temari
Episode Guide
"Beast Ball"


The episode begins with Beast Boy turning into a rooster and cock-a-doodle-dooing into a megaphone, waking up the contestants. Upon doing this, Ino wakes up, angry about being woken up so early and then asks aggrivatedly asks if she looks like a farmer to him. As the cast are gathering to to Beast Boy, Odd stands next to Temari and notices her fan. He tries to touch it only for her to growl at him, making him back up into Shikamaru and tell him she creeps him out, to which he responds saying he'll get used to it. Beast Boy then tells the contestant that the next challenge will begin in one minute and Choji says that it would not be enough time for breakfast. Beast Boy then says there will be breakfast, but after they complete the twenty mile run around the camp.

While the campers are running, Choji claims to not be able to continue and falls on the ground out of exaustion, Sissi then insults Choji, saying it's because he overeats. Later, after everyone makes it to the mess hall, Sakura yells at Herb for being the last one to make it there, meaning there team lost. This causes Yumi to point out that if their team lost, her team won, and they cheer. Unfortunatly, Beast Boy informs them that the run was not the whole challenge, disappointing them. He then reveals that a new contesant will be joining the competition which shocks everybody. The ninja get even more shocked when it was revealed to be a ninja from the Leaf Village, Mayu. After Mayu realizes the ninja she is also shocked asking what they were doing there. She then directs her attention to the "Lyoko" characters and Aelita quickly introduces herself and the others. Afterwards, Beast Boy places Mayu on the Killer Bass to even out the teams and then tells them that the next challenge is an Awake-a-thon. Seeing that the contestants are confused he further explains that the last person awake wins for thier team and that they ran for twenty minutes so it would be harder for them to stay awake. As the cast walk out of the mess hall, Ulrich walks over to Yumi and asks her when she thinks everyone will fall asleep. Yumi responds saying an hour, as a tired Choji walks by, she then changes her answer and says "maybe less."

Twelve hours into the challenge, Beast Boy tells the viewers that all twenty two campers are still awake, but Choji quickly becomes the first to fall asleep. Yumi comments, saying that the Awake-a-thon is the worst thing she's done in her life. Ulrich jokingly ask if it is worse then almost dying in Lyoko to which she corrects herself and instead says it's the second worst. In the confessional Sissi says that her plan for the competition is to form an alliance to get her to the final three and that she would need any of the ninja that were either desperate or dumb enough to do whatever she says. Ater seeing them doing handstands to make the blood rush to their heads, she asks Kiba and Tenten to join her in the alliance, which they agree to do. Later, Sasuke asks Mayu how her boat crashed and she answers saying the captian just drove the boat into a rock. Temari then tells her team she's going to the bathroom and sets her fan down. This gives Sissi an idea as she remembers how Temari reacted when Odd tried to touch it. She then sneaks over, takes her fan, and hides it while calling Temari a loser.

When the Awake-a-thon hits the twenty-four hour mark, Beast Boy tells the viewers that seven Screaming Gophers and eight Killer Bass are left awake. He decides to start reading fairy tales to the campers, in order to make more of the campers fall asleep. Odd falls asleep unknowingly on Choji's butt and doesn't realizes it until he farts in his face. Throughout the night Yumi and Ulrich bond asking where constillations such as the Little and Big Dipper are and Kiba, along with Tenten, fall asleep. Sometime later, Hinata notices that Naruto does not look tired at all and asks if he's ok. He tells her he's fine, saying he just has alot of stamina, and makes a perverted smile at Sakura. She punches him, realizing the perverted joke made, and he disappears in a puff of smoke. This greatly alarms the awake contestants, especialy the "Lyoko" characters and Beast Boy explains to them about the ninja's abilites. Hinata uses her Byakugan and finds Naruto sleeping behind a bush, who then gets awaken by Sakura puching and is told by Beast boy that he's out of the challenge.

Much later, it's morning and only Sasuke, Sissi, Mayu, Yumi, and Ulrich are awake. Ater telling the others that they can leave and wash up, Beast Boy uses his last resort to make the campers fall asleep: reading to them the history of Canada. This is boring enough to put Sissi to sleep almost immediately. Soon after, Ulrich falls asleep, after staring at Mayu's glowing neckalace which Yumi had asked about and Mayu told them it holds a lot of power, including dragons. Mayu falls asleep next after going loopy from no sleep and, in this state, tells Sauke she loves him, hinting at a possble relationship. This brings it down to only one Gopher and one Bass: Yumi and Sasuke, respectively. After a while, Beast Boy decides to give them a bathroom break. Sasuke claims to be able to hold it, but decides to go anyway when Yumi says the next book Beast Boy will read is "The History of the Hoover Dam". Sasuke is later found asleep in the stall and this news is announced just before Yumi falls asleep as well. Yumi is the named official winner of the Awake-a-thon, giving her team invincibility.

Later that afternoon, Temari is seen throwing things out of her cabin's window, looking for her giant fan. She accuses her teammates of stealing it and Sakura and Mayu accuse the non-ninja of being stupid enough to take it and tell them to give it back. Soon Sissi arrives and gives Temari the missing fan, claiming to have found it. After Sissi leaves, Temari tries to apologize to her team for snapping and accusing them of stealing the fan, but is only glared at. That night at the campfire ceremony, while Beast Boy is explaining the concept, Mayu interrupts him asking if he had to pass out marshmallows since she does not like the taste of marshmallows. Beast Boy ignores her and continues explain only to be interrupted again by Mayu as she asks if she would have to eat the marshmallow if she gets one. Beast Boy, agititated, tells her that she can have the first marshmallow and does not have to eat it if she shuts up which she agrees to. The rest of the marshmallows go to Hinata, Neji, Rock Lee, Herb, Tamiya, Milly, Sasuke, and Sakura. It then comes down to Temari and Naruto, the final marshmallow goes to Naruto and Temari is voted off for her temper. Mayu tries to defend Temari by saying she had the right to freak out of the fan since it is an important weapon, but Temari angrily stomps her fan on Beast Boy's foot, walks the Dock of Shame, and boards the Boat of Losers leaving the island. Afterwards, Sissi has a confessional, saying how Temari was one of the Killer Bass' strongest players and now she's gone, acting proud of herself. Back at the campfire, Sakrura has a marshmallow toast with her teammates; vowing that her team will not end up in this position again next week.


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