This article focuses on the interactions between Ino and Sissi.


This interaction starts in Cliffhangers during the first challenge when Sissi refuses to do the challenge.

Episodes Suggesting a ConflictEdit

Season OneEdit


When the girls were introducing each other, Sissi refused to do so, annoying Ino. When the Screaming Gophers were doing the challenge, Sissi refused to do it. Causing Ino to demand her to do it and both getting into an insult fight. After Sissi claims to be more popular than her, Ino thows Sissi off the cliff but into the safe zone.

Fear AnticsEdit

Sissi facepalmed when Ino did not complete her challenge.

Paintball It UpEdit

Ino accidentally shot Sissi with her painball gun, though she apologized. Despite this, Sissi returned fire and the two soon repeatedly shot at each other.

Batter Up!Edit

The two repeatedly angered each other in this episode, do to Sissi trying to take charge. Ino tried to tell Sissi that Tenten was doing a good job at salting the snails and that they did not need to switch, but Sissi made them switch jobs anyways. When Sissi's makeup bag went into the air, Ino caught it and proceeded to have it thrown across the kitchen with Sissi desperately trying to catch it. Soon after, Ino told Tenten, who had the makeup bag, to throw it in the freezer, which she did, and Sissi ran after it, only to be locked in by Ino and the other girls.

To Trust or Not to TrustEdit

When Sissi said that she would make Ino and the other girls wish they never met her, Ino stated that it was already to late for that. Later, after Sissi fell into the jellyfish pool during the Blind Trapezee challenge, Ino was shown silently high-fiving Yumi at Sissi's misfortune.

Episodes Suggesting a FriendshipEdit

Paintball It UpEdit

She apologized after accidently shooting Sissi with a paintball gun.

Jim ClassEdit

She agreed along with Sissi to not eat garbage when that was all Jim wuld give them to eat.