Screaming Gophers
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Light Blue
Eliminated TDI: TBA
Place TDI: TBA
Friends Choji, Shikamaru, Tenten, Yumi
Enemies Kiba, Sissi

Ino, labeled The Perky Blonde, is a camper on Season One of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko and was placed on the Screaming Gophers.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In Cliffhangers, Ino arrived and warned everyone that she was determined to when. When Choji arrived, she was minorly annoyed by his eating habits, and when Shikamaru arrived, she was happy to see him. When Shikamaru complained about being there, Ino encouraged him that it would be fun. While settling into the cabins, Ino went after Tenten in introductions saying she was from the Yamanaka Clan and when Sissi refused to do an introduction, she got annoyed and asked what her deal was. During the challenge, after Sissi refused to jump, Ino told her to do it saying she wasn't going to lose because she didn't want her hair wet. Sissi told her to back off and insulted her, causing Ino to grab Sissi and throw her into the water. When Shikamaru also refused to jump, she was disappointed at him and yelled at him. When Choji activated his Human Boulder Technique, her and Shikamaru both told everyone to take cover as they knew what was about to happen. She cheered when Choji won the challenge for them and later, at the hot tub party, her, Jeremy, and Choji danced chanting, "Go Gophers".

In Insomniacs, when Beast Boy woke everyone up in the morning, Ino complained that it was seven in the morning, and asked if she looked like a farmer to him. During the twenty mile run across camp, Ino wondered what Sissi's excuse was for not running, getting ready to insult her, but she was too tired to do so. After making it to the mess hall, Ino was extremely exhausted and wondered why she was even though she was a ninja. When Mayu debuted, Ino was one of the many ninja to be surprised at her arrival. Ino was not seen for the rest of the episode.

During Beast Ball, after Beast Boy explained dodgeball to the ninja, Ino was on the first team in round one. During round one, Herb attempted to throw a ball at Ino, only to fail miserably, and Ino then picked up a ball and hit Herb with it. When the game came down to her, Odd, Rock Lee, and Tamiya, Ino got hit in the stomach with a ball and got out. Ino was one of the many contestants to gasp when Sissi called Mayu an emo but was not heard for the rest of the episode.

In Wawanakwa's Got Talent, Ino has no lines. Though, she is seen cheering after each performance and received a marshmallow in the bonfire ceremony.

In The Not So Great Outdoors, while the Screaming Gophers were camping and Choji was telling the team about his, Shikamaru, and Ino's teacher, Asuma, Ino explained that Asuma was killed by an immortal man. Later, after the team hid in a tree, trying to get away from the bear that showed up, Ino's branch broke and she fell in front of the bear. She attempted to scoot away from the bear, but the tree blocked her path and she screamed for help. Just before the bear mauled her, it stopped and started laughing and asking if she really thought it was going to maul her. This confused Ino and the rest of the team until it was revealed to actually be Odd in a bear suit. After the challenge, in the hot tub from the first episode, Choji was obnoxiously eating a bag of potato chips, Sissi asked if it was necessary and Ino replied that it was for him.

In Fear Antics, after Beast Boy announced that the next challenge would be facing their worst fears, Ino asked him if it was worse than the gruel they've been eating. In her fear challenge, Ino was approached by an intern in a big spider suit. This caused her to scream and start running. She was one of the "Naruto" characters to appear dead during Mayu's fear challenge and was not heard for the rest of the episode.

In Ready Oar Not, Ino did not speak until the teams had returned to the camp. She was angry at Kiba and accused him of being the one who lost them the challenge. She then chased him with a canoe paddle after he claimed to not be scared of her and most likely voted him off.

In Paintball It Up, Ino got annoyed at Beast Boy on how he woke them up, flying over the cabins in a helicopter, as it caused her to hit her head against the top bunk. When the challenge began, Ino got selected to be one of the hunters for the Gophers, along with Choji, Tenten, and Aelita. She was not seen again until later on in the challenge where she shot Sissi on accident, since she was too far away to see who she was shooting. Sissi got enraged at Ino and commanded Tenten to give her the paintball gun she had, but instead Tenten impressed Ino by shooting Sissi in the back of the leg. After Sissi got back up, her and Ino started shooting each other with paintballs, then got attack by Mayu, Hinata, and Herb. Later, in the confessional, Ino wondered who to vote off, either Sissi or Odd. She was silent for the rest of the episode, and received a marshmallow at the bonfire ceremony.

In Batter Up!, when Sissi was choosing who would make what dish for the cooking challenge, Ino suggested to make pineapple chutney, but Sissi refused to listen and told her to make Escargot. Later on, while Tenten was salting the snails, Sissi, thinking Tenten was doing a ad job, told Ino to salt the snails instead. Ino protested, saying she was allergic to snails, but to avoid a fight, Ino just did what Sissi said, which lead to her breaking out from allergic reactions. When Choji arrived with Sissi's makeup bag, he tripped and it got tossed in the air, leading to it being in Ino's hand. She tossed it to Aelita, who tossed it to Yumi, who tossed it to Tenten, making Sissi look like a fool trying to get it, then Ino told Tenten to toss it in the fridge, which Tenten did with a smirk on her face. When it was time to present the food to Beast Boy, Ino yelled at Choji for eating the Ratatouille. At the elimination ceremony, Ino receives the first marshmallow and gives a snarky look at Sissi in response. The next morning, Ino was one of the girls in the lake laughing at Herb while he was naked on the dock.

In To Trust or Not to Trust, when Sissi told everyone that she was goning to make them wish they never met her, Ino told her that it was already too late for that. Ino was not seen throughout the challenge until she was chosen for the "Blind William Tell" challenge to shoot the arrow off of Choji's head. At the end of it, she managed to knock Choji's arrow off before Milly could knock Sakura's arrow off. In the final part of the challenge, Ino raced with Yumi against Naruto and Rock Lee. In the end, Ino managed to win the race for her team,despite a few problems along the way.
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