Killer Bass
Gender Female
Hair color Indigo
Eye color Lavender
Eliminated TDI: TBA
Place TDI: TBA
Relationship Naruto (attracted)
Family Neji (cousin)
Friends Kiba, Mayu, Naruto, Rock Lee, Sakura

Hinata, labeled The Shy Maiden, is a camper on Season One of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko and was placed on the Killer Bass.


In Cliffhangers, Hinata arrived after Naruto and was surprised to see him there. When Kiba arrived, she asked where his dog, Akamaru, was and he sadly said he had to be left behind. After the teams were made, Hinata, in the confessional, tried to convince herself that it would not be that hard to work with Naruto. When going into the cabins, she nervously talked to Naruto about it and he said that it would be cool, putting his on her shoulder in the process. This then caused her to faint and for Naruto to wonder what had happened. When she recieved her food from Jim, it started to move, scaring Hinata and making her ask Jim to do something. Jim did, by smashing the food with a hammer, and Hinata nevously took her plate and walked off. During the challenge, Hinata was hesitant to jump off of the cliff, but jumped anyway, after encouragement from Naruto. Later in the mess hall, after Nicholas insulted the ninja, Hinata tried to reason with her angry teammates by saying he was probably kidding, which Nicholas denied. At the elimination ceremony, she got one of the first few marshmallows.

In Insomniacs, Hinata was shocked along with the other ninja about Mayu debuting. Later, during the challenge, she asked Naruto if he was ok since he didn't look the least bit tired to which responded that he had a lot of stamina, making a perverted joke. When Naruto was discovered to be using a clone, Hinata used her Byakugan to find him sleeping behind a bush. At the elimination ceremony, Mayu offered Hinata her marshmallow to her since she does not like marshmalllows and Hinata accepted it.

In Beast Ball, Hinata was quiet for the most of the episode, until Mayu attempted to kill Sissi, in which she stopped her for she didn't want to see someone die on the show. Later after the challenge, Naruto complimented her on how noble she was saving Sissi's life.

During Wawanakwa's Got Talent, Hinata got put into the talent show after Mayu convinced Sakura to do so, saying Hinata had an amazing justu in the works. While waiting to go onstage, Hinata got nervous and started pacing around while eating chips. Sissi tried to scare her even more, but was shutten up by Mayu. After Hinata and Mayu performed their talent together, Jim gave Hinata an indivdual score of nine, winning the challenge for her team.

In The Not So Great Outdoors, Hinata is assigned with Naruto to put up the tent during the challenge. While putting up the tent, Naruto compliments Hinata, saying she knows how to pitch a guy's tent. However, Hinata takes it the wrong way, thinking he meant it in a perverted way, and proceeds to faint. Later, while Sasuke is telling the team a scary story, Mayu scared Hinata at the end of the story by grabbing her from behind and putting a hook putting a hook in her face. This caused Hinata to screaming and run into Naruto's arms for comfort, which causes her to blush. Later, while everyone is in the tent, Hinata gets out of the tent because she has to go. As she's walking out, a flock of bats fly past her and one hits her in the face, causing her to get off balance and trip over the campfire making an ember hits the tent, incinerating it to dust. The next day, when everyone wakes up, Hinata wakes up with her head on Naruto's chest. After realizing this, she immediatly gets up, extremly embarrassed, and apologizes to Naruto for sleeping on him to which Naruto tries to calm her down saying he didn't mind. This, however, only makes her even more embarassed and causes her to faint yet again. At the end of the episode, Hinata talked to Mayu about the previous night and asked her to apologize, which Mayu refused to do, angering her.

In Fear Antics, at the beginning of the episode, Hinata tried to cheer up Milly, who was sad for Tamiya's eliminaton in the previous episode. Afterwards, when the contestants were telling each other their worst fears, Hinata told them that she was afraid of being left alone in the woods. During the start of her fear challenge, Hinata was startled, but soon realized that it was just a chipmunk. Later, after Odd got covered in trash from a garbage bomb and found her in the woods, is horrified by his appearance and attacks him with her Gentle Fist. This caused some off the trash to fly off and for Hinata to recognize that it was Odd. She apologized for attacking him, and Odd accepted her apology, saying he's been hurt worse. She was also one of the "Naruto" characters to be "dead" during Mayu's fear challenge.

In Ready Oar Not, Hinata nervously partnered up with Naruto in the canoe trip. While they were canoeing to Boney Island, Hinata was lost in thought, causing Naruto to ask what was wrong. She answered that she was home sick, and Naruto said he was too. Later, when Naruto sprained his ankle, Hinata was the most worried out of everyone. When Naruto was struggling with his ankle, Rock Lee suggested that Hinata use her Hyuga Clan Secret Ointment to use on Naruto. Hinata nervously did so and was thanked by Naruto, but as soon as she walked away, she fainted. When it was time for the contestants to return back to camp, Hinata and the rest of the Bass wondered how they were to canoe back, due to Herb accidently setting them on fire. Kiba suggested to her that they have someone push all of them back to camp, which they did, winning the challenge.

In Paintball It Up, Hinata is nervous when she is picked to be a hunter in the challenge as she thinks she will mess up. But after words of encouragement from Naruto and Mayu, she gets determined and is ready to do the challenge. During the challenge, fairs pretty well, though at first she gets lost after the rest of the hunters on her team split up, though she is later seen with Mayu and herb. During this time they find Sissi, Ino, and Tenten who are arguing and take the opprotunity to ambush them. They do so and win the challenge for their team.
Killer Bass
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