Killer Bass
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: TBA
Place TDI: TBA
Friends Nicholas, Sissi
Enemies Naruto, Rock Lee, Sasuke

Herb, labeled The Geek, is a camper on Season One of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko and was placed on the Killer Bass.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In Cliffhangers, Herb arrived and politely greeted Beast Boy. When Ino arrived, he complain at how loud she was, causing her to get mad and almost attack him and for him to go into a bad kung fu stance in defense. After Beast Boy broke up the fight, Herb looked shyly at her while she glared at him. During the challenge, Herb hesitatingly jumped off the cliff, only to land so hard that he does a split. This caused him to scream in shear pain and for everyone to cringe at the sound. After the challenge, when Nicholas insulted the ninja of the team, Herb face palmed at this in disbelief. At the elimination ceremony, Herb told Nicholas that he shouldn't have insulted the ninja and was sad to see him leave.

In Insomniacs, after the twenty mile run across the camp, Herb was the last one to make it to the mess hall and was yelled at by Sakura for it. He was not seen for most of the episode, but near the end of the Awake-a-thon, Herb gets his hands put in water, by Sasuke, while sleeping and in turn, pees himself, causing him to quickly wake up and run off in embarrassment. While Temari was throwing a fit because of her stolen fan, Sakura accused Herb, Tamiya, and Milly of stealing it to which Herb asked why she would accuse them. When Temari tried to apologize for freaking out over her fan, after the fan was returned to her by Sissi, Herb and the other Killer Bass glared at her.

In Beast Ball, during the dodgeball game, Herb attempted to throw a ball at Ino, but failed horribly and only made it roll to her. She then picked up the ball and threw it at him, causing Herb to start running and scream like a girl until he got hit upside the head. He was not heard for the rest of the episode, but cheered after his team is announced the winners.

In Wawanakwa's Got Talent, Herb tried to audition for the talent show challenge, but as he was about to audition, Sakura immediately dismissed him. When Naruto performed his Rasen Shuriken, Herb and the other contestants dived out of the way when it accidently went towards the bleachers. Herb was silent for the rest of the episode besides cheering when his team wins.

In The Not So Great Outdoors, Herb is assigned with Tamiya and Milly to find food in the woods during the challenge. After returning to the Bass campsite, Mayu asked where Tamiya and Milly are, making him realize he came back without them, angering Sakura. He and the other Bass were upset when his team won the challenge and he received the second to last marshmallow in the elimination ceremony.

In Fear Antics, it is revealed that Herb has a fear of ninja. His fear challenge seems to start, unbeknownst to him, while he is in the bathroom as three cliché ninja appear. He tried to defend himself by using num-chucks, but ended up hitting himself in the head fall unconcious. This causes the ninja to laugh at him and take off there masks, revealing them to be Ulrich, Odd, and Tenten. He does not speak in this episode, but at the bonfire ceremony, he is seen in the bottom three with Sakura and Neji and received the next marshmallow.

In Ready Oar Not, Herb supposedly goes to Boney Island with Milly as his canoe partner. When Sakura said they need more firewood for the fire building part of the challenge, Herb panicked and threw his team's canoe paddles into the fire, causing them to gasp and for Mayu to punch him back into the woods. He is not heard for the rest of the episode besides chanting Rock Lee's name and cheering when his team won.

In Paintball It Up, Herb was shot, along with Sissi, with a paintball gun as a demonstration to the ninja who did not know how to work a gun. He was chosen as a hunter for the challenge and shot Tenten repeatedly when he, Hinata, and Mayu ganged up on Ino, Sissi, and Tenten who were fighting. At the end of the challenge, he wondered where Naruto was, and at that moment, Naruto walked in soaking wet. He cheered when his team won the challenge and was safe from elimination.
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