Season 1, Episode 1
Date Posted December 8, 2010
Challenge Jumping off a cliff into shark infested waters
Reward(s) A hot tub
Winner(s) Screaming Gophers
Eliminated Nicholas
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Twenty-two campers arrive at Camp Wawanakwa for a chance at 100,000 dollars. Tensions flare as one camper gets on two other campers' bad sides. After the first challenge, someone on the losing team insults the ninja on their team causing their elimination.


The episode begins with Beast Boy explaining how the show works. Afterwards he introduces the cast with Tenten being the first to arrive, excited to meet Beast Boy. Rock Lee arrives next and is surprised to see Tenten as he did not know she would be on the show. Yumi is next to arrive and is immediately dissatisfied with the condition of the camp. Naruto arrives, angry at the driver of his boat, who is off-screen, as he yells at him. Beast Boy, gets Naruto's attention, who gets nervous after seeing the camera. Hinata arrives soon after, and gets flustered after seeing Naruto. Sissi soon appears, much to Yumi's dismay. When Sasuke arrives, Naruto is shocked and begins to question his motives for joining the show. Sasuke doesn't cooperate with him and Naruto attacks him. When things escalates, Beast Bot stops them and convinces them to have a truce for as long as they're on the show. Sakura shows up right after this, having heard the whole altercation.

Odd is the next to arrive and is seen water skiing from his boat, only to lose his balance and fly all the way to the end of the dock. Herb arrives next, happy to show his potential on the show. Ulrich arrives, and is greeted by Yumi and, in an extremely happy fashion, Sissi. Aelita and Jeremy arrive one after the other, which excites Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi as their group is now altogether. Ino arrives, declaring that she will win the competition, much to Sakura's annoyance. Tamiya and Milly arrive together and are excited to be at a summer camp. Neji arrives and is greeted buy Lee and Tenten. Nicholas arrives, followed by Temari who is intrigued to see fellow ninja in the competition. Choji arrives eating a bag of chips, which Beat Boy informs him is not allowed, so he quickly finishes the bag and throws it away. Shikamaru arrives, complaining about being on the show, and Temari messes with him about it. Kiba is the last camper to arrives and jumps off the boat and onto the dock before the boat gets there. After this, Beast Boy takes a group picture, and tells everyone to meet him at the firepit. At the campfire pit, Beast Boy explains to the campers what would be happening for the next eight weeks. He then separates them into teams: Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, Jeremy, Aelita, Sissi, Tenten, Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, and Kiba form the Screaming Gophers. While Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura, Neji, Rock Lee, Temari, Herb, Nicholas, Tamiya, and Milly form the Killer Bass.

He then tells the campers to settle into the cabins and that there is a confessional in the outhouse which Naruto is the first to use. When Yumi and Sissi enter their cabin, they bump into each other and in turn insult each other starting their conflict. Tenten tries to break the ice by having everyone introduce themselves only for Sissi to shut down the idea when it's her turn. Sissi then walks out to ask Beast Boy where the outlets were to which he tells her they're in the communal washrooms. This disgusts Sissi who is shocked that their are not any spas. Beast Boy then tells the campers to go into the mess hall for lunch. At the mess hall, the cast find out that Jim, the Lyoko characters gym teacher, is the chef which surprises them.

At the cliff Beast Boy explains that they have to jump off it into a safe zone or get eaten by sharks. The Bass go first and Naruto jumps first. He has no problem with it soon more of them jump. Hinata hesitates, then jumps with Sakura. Herb and Nicholas jump together, but both hit a buoy. Tamiya and Milly did not jump as they were unable to swim and in the confessional Tamiya tells Milly she knew they should have learned to swim.

Next up are the Screaming Gophers and Sissi refuses to jump making Ino ask why. She responds saying she doesn't like water and Ino tells her to do it anyway. She refuses again, but insults her this time and Ino insults her back. When Sissi claims to be more popular her, Ino throws Sissi into the safe zone in the lake and jumps afterwards. Everyone else has no problem jumping until Aelita gets scared, but then jumps with Jeremy. Shikamaru refuses to jump as it is "too much of a drag" for him. Choji is the last to jump and is scared as he is not a good swimmer as revealed in a confessional. He then uses his Human Boulder technique and rolls of the cliff into the safe zone and winning the challenge for his team.

At the Bass table, Sakura says they should discuss who to vote off. Sasuke suggests Tamiya or Milly since they did not jump, but they defend themselves saying they can't swim. Nicholas then says he thought they lost because of the ninja causing everyone to gasp. He continues to say that his grandfather defeated 100 ninja even though he was the weakest on his team which is why he believes ninja are weak. At the elimination ceremony, Beast Boy explains the process. The marshmallows went to Naruto, Lee, Hinata, Temari, Neji, Sasuke, Herb, Tamiya, and Milly. The final marshmallow went to Sakura and Nicholas was voted off for insulting the ninja. Later at the Gopher's hot tub, Odd proposes a toast to the team and everyone three "Go Gophers". Sakura is then seen going to her cabin and telling the viewers that she was determined to win and no one was gonna stop her, ending the episode.


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