Screaming Gophers
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: TBA
Place TDI: TBA
Friends Ino, Kiba, Odd, Shikamaru

Choji, labeled The Food Lover, is a camper on Season One of Total Drama Naruto Lyoko and was placed on the Screaming Gophers.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In Cliffhangers, after getting off the boat, Choji greeted Beast Boy while eating a bag of chips. Beast Boy told Choji that outside food wasn't allowed on the show, causing Choji to quickly eat the rest of the chips and quickly discard them, only for him to ask when lunch was a second later. During the challenge, Choji was the last to jump, and in the confessional, said that he was really nervous because he wasn't a good swimmer. That was until he remembered his secret weapon, The Human Boulder Technique. He used the justu and won the challenge for his team. At the hot tub party, danced with Ino and Jeremy while chanting, "Go Gophers!"

In Insomniacs, during the twenty mile run across camp, Choji ran out of energy and fell to the ground and Sissi told him that is was because he overeats, insulting him. Afterwards, Choji ran into the mess hall with Jeremy passed out on his shoulder and yelled out for someone to clear a table. When Mayu debuted, Choji and the other ninja were surprised at her arrival. During the Awake-a-thon, Choji was the first one to fall asleep and later on, Odd unknowingly fell asleep on Choji's butt. Choji was asleep for the rest of the episode.

During Beast Ball, after Beast Boy explained dodgeball to the ninja, Choji was in the first round with Sissi, Ino, Kiba, and Odd. During the game, after Neji threw a dodgeball at Sissi and missed, Choji picked up a ball and hit Neji into the wall with it. Choji was in the next round, but was silent for this and the rest of the episode. He did, however, gasp when Sissi called Mayu an emo.

In Wawanakwa's Got Talent, Choji auditioned for the talent show challenge by burping the alphabet. Odd thought it was cool and high fived him, but Sissi thought it was disgusting and didn't let him be in the show. While everyone was taking a break, Odd and Choji jumped into the lake near the dock where Ulrich and Yumi were talking and splashed Yumi. When she got angry and left, Choji pinned the blame on Odd. After his team lost the talent show, Sissi bribed Choji with a piece of cake to vote Jeremy off and, in the confessional, was seen eating it.

In The Not So Great Outdoors, when the challenge began, Choji was confident that he wouldn't have a problem with the bears. After the team made it to the campsite, Choji wondered where their food was. Ulrich told him it was a survival challenge and that they had to find their own food, prompting Kiba to volunteer himself and Choji to look for food. Later on, Choji and Kiba returned with fish to eat, Odd then came up and excitedly took a bite out of one, puzzling Choji. When the fish were being cooked, Ulrich complimented Choji on how well he was cooking the fish, Choji thanked him, and said it was thanks to his sensei, Asuma. He then got sad after saying his name, and Ino explained that Asuma was her, Choji, and Shikamaru's squad leader, and how he was killed by an immortal man. Afterwards, everyone was wondering where Odd was and Choji called out for him. He then heard a rustling in the bushes and thought he found him, but instead found a bear. This caused Choji and the rest of the team climb into a tree. Later, when Ino's tree branch broke and she landed in front of the bear, Choji yelled for her to run. After the bear talked to Ino instead of mauling her, Choji and the rest of the Screaming Gophers were confused at how the bear had talked until it was revealed that the bear was Odd in a bear suit. While the team was eating the fish, another bear showed up and Ulrich, Odd, and Choji thought it was Beast Boy in disguise. After the bear growled from Choji poking its nose, Tenten told him that the bear's fur would be green when it was Beast Boy, and Choji yelled to run. After winning the challenge, Choji ate a large bag of chips in the team's hot tub, Sissi asked if that was necessary, and Ino told her that it was for him.

In Fear Antics, Choji and his team went to the firepit to hang out with the Killer Bass because he stunk up their cabin, causing them to relocate. When everyone was sharing their fears, Choji told everyone that his fear was flying in an airplane, which also turned out to be Kiba's fear too. When Aelita had to face her fear of sumo wrestlers, Beast Boy had Choji dress up as a sumo. Choji questioned this, but then charged at Aelita only to trip and roll off the stage. Soon after, Choji and Kiba had to go up into a plane for their fear challenge and later, when they finally landed, they ran out of the plane and kissed the ground. Choji did not speak for the rest of the episode, but did play as one of the dead ninja during Mayu's fear challenge.

In Ready Oar Not, Choji partnered up with Sissi during the canoe trip. After getting their canoe in the water, Choji made a corny joke and Sissi hit him upside the head with a paddle in disgust. After the teams escaped the woolly beavers on Boney Island, Choji asked for a another pair of underwear, grossing the girls out. After Kiba started a huge fire with a fire starting ball and told everyone that it was an Inuzuka Clan specialty, Choji asked if that meant it was food that exploded if you eat it, though he was quickly corrected. Choji did not speak for the rest of the episode.

In Paintball It Up, when contestants were gathered at the firepit, Beast Boy gave out cans of beans and Choji attempted to sing a song about the beans, but was interrupted when a can was thrown at him. After Beast Boy told everyone about the challenge, Choji was seen eating the beans with Naruto. When the hunters were being decided, Choji was chosen to be a hunter for his team, along with Tenten, Aelita, and Ino. Choji was not seen for the rest of the episode until the bonfire ceremony, where he recieved his marshmallow for the night.

In Batter Up!, Choji is assigned with Ulrich to make Ratatouille. But before he is able to do so, he accidently drops a bag of oranges and is ordered by Sissi to get more. When he gets back, he barges into the kitchen with a crate of oranges, he immediately throws them to Ulrich, but since he was caught off gaurd, he gets hit upside the head with them and knocked unconcious. Later on, when Sissi's eyebrows are burned off, Choji is ordered to get her makeup bag. When he comes back, he once again drops what he was told to get, this time causeing the girls to toss it around the kitchen to keep it away from Sissi. When it was time to present the food, Ino told Choji to gaurd the food. This proves to be a bad idea as when it was time to present the Ratatouille, Choji did not come out, Ino went to the kitchen to see what was taking him, only to discover that he had eaten the dish. Angred, Ino yells at him at kicks him into the main lodge. Beast Boy is confused as to where the food is and is told that Choji ate it, because of this, he hesitatingly wipes off some of the sauce on Choji's face, and samples it, earnimng them a score of five. While discussing who to vote off with Ino, Yumi, and Ulrich, Choji suggested voting off Tenten for accidently cursing them, possibly convincing Ino to do so.

In To Trust or Not to Trust, Choji is paired up with Ino in the Blind William Tell challenge, with him being the one with the arrow n his head, and with her being the one to try to shoot it off with crab apples while blindfolded. Choji is unaffected when Ino misses and hits a part of his body, and when Ino finally knocks the arrow off, he congratulates her. He is seen worried with Aelita when it seemed they would lose the final challenge, but when they win, he runs over to hug Ino.
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